CHOREOGRAPHY OF FOLDING: Visitations with Laura Acosta,
FOFA Gallery, Montreal Quebec, 2015

The Meditation Of Repetition of Folding

Choreography of Folding 

P.O.E Radio (PIMPLES OF THE EMPIRE) is an ongoing live radio performance with weekly visits of artists and fried poets that collaborate to make each episode. Here, performative actions will be delivered through frequencies that fluctuate between states of order and states of disorder; visual scenes broadcasted and archived through their sound and traces of movements that are emitted beyond the gallery.

"The nomination of the body as the form and main actor: to be folded, reframed, reiterated, documented and remediated. A gesture and a rupture for the sake of human-ness. A means of becoming and understanding form through the manipulation, disruption and collapse of a continuous surface." - FURLONG