-To begin with the human body – to cover it, to conceal it and to contain it, so as to expose it, reveal it and set it free.-


My work begins with the body as a template, an idea and a form of gesture. My drawings derive from a multi-layered
process of manipulation and disfigurement. Situated between figuration and abstraction they investigate and
question the representation and the potentialities of the shape and form of the human body. I am interested in the
outcomes that materialize once the conventional form of the body is collapsed and concealed. I create my own
manipulations by deconstructing and fragmenting the familiar within its structure. I cut and rearrange the shapes in
order to define its physical limits, and I manipulate and conceal its surface in order to define its space. I am
interested in the idea of the body as a fragmented, unstable and fluctuant form. One that is defined as human
before gendered, and delineated by boundaries that have the potential to be exposed, imposed upon, and potentially broken.