Divining Inflexions - 2017

Was it a discarded forfeit, or an approved accolade? 

Caught in the folds of the catcher’s glove,
she curved the deck and threw it back.

Marching in-between the gestures of another hand,
the folded faces where following their assigned suits.

As the “Beguiler” foolishly danced amongst his cues,
the “Weavers Spindle” fleshed out the deck into a mass of pleats.

Fold upon fold she laid-in the creases
weaving them in and around her beloved spindle.
Arching every line, over and under,
she folded its flesh
and hung the decks into a pair of makeshift cloaks.

The points she hid within every curve
inflected and began the movement needed
for the what was, the is, and the will be.