“ As I stand at the threshold
 holding my arrows,
 I fetishize the boundaries that have
 contemplated my freedom.”


“ Within these lines there is rhythm and movement,
 and always room for play.”


I’m interested in creating spaces, worlds within worlds, where being and becoming are able to dance together for at least an instant; a medial place for the play of movement and transformation. Passageways to another world - Symbolic codes and gestural traces, from games of to sport to ritualistc acts, decode a rite and mediate a potential passage towards a new becoming. As I paint, fold, and sculpt them into new hybrid compositions, I layout the rules for a new open-ended game.

My work investigates the rhetoric’s of “play-forms” found within the preformative frame of games and ritual as a means to think about the social structures that have defined, divided, and united us. By flipping their rules I play with “play”, establishing new conventions in order to bring to the surface all possible resolutions.