** THE NAME OF A COLOR : “Sky Blue Pink Grey” 2018 -                                                                                                                             VA-Building Concordia University. 

Years ago I was told by a Master Printer that the key to printing the perfect cloud was hidden within the absolute color he called “Sky, Blue, Pink, Grey” - This transparent layer of “grey” he explained is the glue that ~dances~ in-between and that binds all the shadows of the sky with the *light* of the sun. A colour, that is more then just a shade but is also the container for “ALL” colours: That of Red, that of Blue, and that of Yellow - This perfect grey he stated is the most liminal of them all, as it stands upright at the threshold between darkness and light. Hiding on the edge of every cloudy seam this shapeshifting shade folds and unfolds every curve and pleat that shapes and forms all the clouds and our sky.